Profitable mining demands an independent, experienced, long term perspective that gives you real answers. How much do you have? Have you got a mine? Is it feasible? What’s the optimal design? HTMA’s experienced personnel and practical technology give you options and solutions.

All Types of Mining

If you’re planning a new mine or a new investment, now you have the opportunity to employ a team of specialists from a single company for fully integrated feasibility studies, due diligence assessments, economic evaluations, detailed mine design, pit optimisation, production scheduling and mine planning. We combine engineering expertise with environmental considerations to design, manage and close the mines.

One Stop Consultancy

Our experience with all types of mining projects on every continent includes surface and underground mines; geology and resource estimation; slope stability and strata control; rock engineering; and environmental monitoring and management. Our extensive experience from mine planning through to mine decommissioning ensures innovative, cost effective and environmentally acceptable solutions from prefeasibility to site rehabilitation.

What Does Your Operation Need?

Existing operations benefit from our audits and engineering services. We’ll help you optimise head grades and increase tonnage, analyse and reduce risk, improve safety and manpower requirements. We tailor solutions to your country and environment with the right team for your needs.

Independent, Qualified Perspective

Mining is a risky business with the potential of very significant rewards. Everyone is finding mineralisation but very few show a return. How do you manage that risk? You need an independent, qualified, long term perspective that gives you real answers. We identify the issues and opportunities, and give you flexible solutions. Our comprehensive reports help your board of directors and technical staff make informed business decisions.



  • Mine feasibility studies / bankable documents
  • Selection of Mining Methods
  • Mine/Pit Optimization
  • Mine/Pit design
  • Mine planning and scheduling
  • Mine technical audits
  • Mine Operations Monitoring
  • Mine Safety Audits
  • Risk assessment and management