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Who We Are?

Founded in 2017, Hi-Tech Mining Associates (HTMA) has played a vital role in mineral exploration and extraction in Pakistan. In a short span of two years, the company won contracts of consultancy services for mineral exploration, geological studies, government compliance and mining activities.

Our Values


We believe that our success is linked with over-achievements of our clients.


Our performance and abilities are only as good as the staff we are able to attract, develop and retain.


We commit to keep our employees safe and to continually reduce their exposure to risk while at work.


A cornerstone of our philosophy is to develop and embrace new technologies and methodologies to the advantage of our clients and our business.


It is our view that growth of our business must be in response to the requirements of clients

What We Do

Our Services

Geology & Resources

You explore to create wealth. You need the most effective methods to find the best opportunities and make choices. With state-of the-art targeting tools, we can minimize your risks, cut your costs and reduce your time frames.

Our Services


Profitable mining demands an independent, experienced, long term perspective that gives you real answers. How much do you have? Have you got a mine? Is it feasible? What’s the optimal design? HTMA’s experienced personnel and practical technology give you options and solutions.

Our Services

Hydrological Studies

Scarce, plentiful, wasted, coveted – water is fast becoming the world’s most precious commodity. Too much in the wrong place at the wrong time and this valuable resource becomes an unwanted hazard. We’ve helped clients manage water in all its forms everywhere in the world.

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Company Values


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Words to live by

Kind words creates confidence.

Kind thinking creates profoundness.

Kind giving creates love.